Samuel Gould

Samuel Gould is a second year journalism student at City University London and the author of the Everything Else Blog. Up until recently, he worked as the Editor of student radio station, City OnAir.

Samuel Gould

Samuel Gould, photo courtesy of Mickey Carroll

He has experience stretching across many areas of the music industry, including: performance, promotion, management, events and business, however has since explored journalism with a passion.

University has taught him not only skills and the history and politics of journalism, but has also allowed him to get a feel for working in both print, online and broadcast mediums. Samuel have even had chance to learn data visualisation and media law; skills and knowledge that have already had significant help on his running of City OnAir.

Samuel is working towards a job in broadcast news. He is always willing to try new things and to learn new skills, before applying those effectively into his work.