Samuel Gould

Samuel Gould, photo by Mickey Carroll

Samuel Gould, photo by Mickey Carroll

I am a third year undergraduate journalism student at City University London and an active blogger. I have described myself as a “nerd who loves technology, data and music.”

My journalistic experience includes the editorial of a student radio station and charity magazines, as well as being the media manager for a record label.

Leaving college with a BTEC in music wasn’t the most straightforward route into journalism, however my creativity and technical understandings meant that perusing the media path was achievable. My passion for music has continued throughout my studies as I have written hundreds of music reviews on my music blog.

University has so far taught me not only skills and the history and politics of journalism, but has also allowed me to get a feel for working in print, online and broadcast mediums. I have learned media law and data journalism; skills and knowledge that have significantly helped my running of City OnAir during the 2013/14 academic year.

I am working towards a job in broadcast news, either in production, editorial or on camera.