Distribution App: Product outline

Available as an application on mobile, tablet and desktop devices, as well as through your web browser, Distribution App allows you to post content to all of your social media sites in one easy process.

How many social media accounts do you have?

I have quite a few, and posting to them all can take a bit of time.

When I blog, I like to publish updates across my social media sites to spread the word, and I want to attract an audience in the most effective way possible for these specific sites. I blog through WordPress, and take advantage of the Publicise function where the title and URL are shared in a standard post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Tumblr. These posts can look a bit boring though, and there isn’t any room for changing these – not without going to the individual site and writing an entire new post.

So Publicise doesn’t work for me.

I could use apps like Tweetdeck, but this is limited to writing the same tweet across different accounts. There’s Hootsuite, which recently added posts to Instagram to its portfolio of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. While this is a very efficient way of posting across these very popular sites, I’m still sharing the same content. It’s the same status, hashtags and images. It’s identical. And that’s after I’ve published the blog post and then moved into Hootsuite.

Publishing content to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram on Hootsuite
Publishing content to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram on Hootsuite

So how do we publish to all of these social media sites, without having to go to each one individually?

Well, that’s where Distribution App comes into the picture.

Take a look at this.

On one single page, you enter your content. In different segments, you enter your headline, summary text, body text, hashtags, post tags, categories, geo-location, featured image, secondary image, video and/or audio. Once completed as much is needed for that specific post, the user presses “publish content”. Similarly to when publishing Moments on Twitter, the user is asked to crop any photos that are outside social media posting parameters (for example, square images on Instagram and portrait for Snapchat) and each segment is then distributed where necessary.

Image cropping on Twitter Moments
Image cropping on Twitter Moments

For example, a post to WordPress would feature most, if not all of the segments. Then the related Facebook post will take the headline, summary text, and a link to the article on WordPress. Twitter would take the headline, hashtags, featured image and the URL. Instagram would have a cropped featured image, headline and hashtags, where as Snapchat would simply by a cropped featured image with the headline as embedded text.

How much does it cost?

There is a three tier price structure to use the application. They are tailored to the needs of three groups. Individuals, professionals, and businesses. There is also a 30 day free trial of each tier, which users can only use once.





Cost: £1.99/month £7.99/month £15.99/month
Text Sharing:
Photo Sharing:
Email/Live Chat Support:
Scheduled Posts: 5/month Unlimited
Analytics: Limited
Video Sharing:
Telephone Support:
Customise Distribution App*:

*Customise Distribution App allows you to change the default distribution paths. Need to send hashtags to Facebook? No problem.

Who would benefit from the application?

Anybody who uses social media will find an immediate benefit to using this application. For bloggers, posting to these sites will be quicker meaning more time can be spent sourcing content to blog about.

Journalists and news producers would also be able to use the application both in the newsroom and out in the field. For anybody covering a news story, being able to write a NIB and have all the content published is a huge advantage. The time saved by not having to write individual updates can then be spent chasing new leads or interviews, for example.

And let’s not forget our businesses: whether you’re a sole-trader, or a large company, Distribution App has something to offer you. Effective publishing on social media can be one of the best things for any business; no matter what size it is. A blog post by Curata lists the 11 most effective ways to use social media – and includes “customise for the platform”, specifically highlighting the need to consider how each platform works. Impact have also highlighted differences in the main social media sites in their own blog post outlining “what some of the most popular platforms have to offer” for marketing.

Small businesses, or sole-traders will know how time consuming it is keeping up with social media demand, especially when their limited resources could be better spent building on their business. Distribution App will make that process more efficient by being quick, and simple.

Quick and simple works for larger companies too where marketing or social media departments run to tight deadlines, or are working on multiple campaigns for multiple products or services. Taking away the stress of publishing content separately is a great way to increase productivity.

What happens next?

If you would like to leave feedback about the Distribution App, you can do so by following this link.

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