Alastair Campbell on LBC

I produced the social media livestreams of Alastair Campbell’s one-off programme in place of Nigel Farage on LBC.

Best Before End

Best Before End is a satirical television and online news bulletin that spoofs British news and current affairs;

City OnAir

City OnAir was the student radio station at City University London, operating between 2011 and 2015.

Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nick Ferrari in virtual reality

During the first edition of ‘Ring Rees-Mogg’ on LBC’s Breakfast show with Nick Ferrari, I produced a short video in 360°.

News on Instagram

A series of blog posts looking into the practices and effectiveness of using Instagram to publish news content.

Police taser dogs: An eye watering idea for Nick Ferrari

Police dogs in Britain are being trained to bite terrorists in the event of an attack, but the idea of adding tasers to their noses made for eye watering listening.

Privacy, or security?

A series of blog posts detailing the progress of my Final Major Project: How can online video provide a news audience with additional content?

Radio news bulletins

A portfolio of recorded news bulletins from March 2015 to January 2017.

UK General Election 2017

On the 8th June, I presented a series of programmes on Facebook Live for Birmingham Eastside, each on the hour throughout the night, with results updates and discussions from the General Election.

US Presidential Election 2016

I directed two live broadcasts for Birmingham Eastside of the results to the 2016 US Presidential Election between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

What is ‘newsworthiness’, and where does it come from?

This essay examines the content of the 1965 study into what is considered ‘newsworthy’, and argues newsworthiness can not be entirely defined as a single list of factors, but instead remains a theory into how news is selected.