News on Instagram

A series of blog posts looking into the practices and effectiveness of using Instagram to publish news content. [tweet this]

  • Covering an election on Instagram - Following the research I conducted through my News on Instagram posts, I reported on the election for Mayor of the West Midlands Combined Authority using predominantly mobile journalism techniques, and publishing only to Instagram. […]
  • What I’ve learned about publishing news to Instagram - Research. A struggling engagement with young people has resulted in news organisations experimenting with their use of social media as a way of addressing a widening gap in their audience. In a series of […]
  • Interview: BBC News social media editor Mark Frankel talks Instagram - Mark Frankel is the social media editor of BBC News. He managed a team of audience engagement producers and writers who post regular content to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram. I’m interested in […]
  • Publishing news with Instagram’s latest carousel feature - Since its introduction last week, Instagram’s newest feature serves new and exciting opportunities for news organisations. In a move that now allows for up to 10 pictures and/or videos to be shared […]
  • Instagram’s latest feature opens up opportunity for news content - Tonight Instagram revealed a new feature that allows its users to share up to 10 pictures and videos within a single post. Like Stories, but as a permanent post. The idea is […]
  • Using Instagram Stories for news content - Instagram has two ways of publishing content: its timeline, and through its Stories feature. Stories were introduced in August last year and unlike timeline pictures and video, are only available to view for up to […]
  • Data visualisations on Instagram - Data is a valuable product for journalists to not only source news stories, but to prove and disprove beliefs. However data on its own is unattractive, and isn’t interesting to a general […]
  • How to create news video for Instagram - In my last blog post, I took a look at some good examples of using video for news in social media. But how are some of these made? I’ve put together a quick guide […]
  • Ten ways to use video for news on social media - Here are ten examples of ways news publishers are using video in social media. 1. BBC News: Instagram The official BBC News Instagram profile has a range of video and still-picture content. This […]