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Birmingham City University, MA Online Journalism (2016-present)
Modules include: enterprise, online journalism, data and multimedia journalism, production labs, and the MA by Practice final major project.
Beyond the immediate course, I presented coverage of the 2017 UK General Election results on FB Live, and directed an overnight live-stream of the 2016 US Election results. I have also worked as the director for a pilot episode of a new online television programme.
City University London, BA Journalism (2012-2015)
Modules included: media law and ethics, history of journalism, UK politics, data journalism, sports journalism, international news, arts and culture, multimedia and journalism skills.
In my first year of studies, I was a presenter and producer on student radio station City OnAir, and took the responsibility as Editor in my second year. I organised and produced a live-stream of the election results from the student bar, leading us to win CULSU Media Outlet of the Year for the third consecutive year.
Birmingham Metropolitan College, BTEC Music (2010-2012)
Modules included: business and marketing, live performance, studio recordings, sound to vision, performance techniques, arranging music and dissertation.
During my time at BMET, I also took responsibility as Head of Media of Forerunner Records, a student based record label. I hosted a showcase event, with bands from different genres performing in three different stages at the same venue.


Birmingham Eastside, Contributor (2016-present)
Birmingham Eastside is an independent publication by the students from the journalism department at Birmingham City University.
I presented Birmingham Eastside’s coverage of the 2017 UK General Election results on FB Live, and directed an overnight live-stream of the 2016 US Election results.
Second Page News, Editor (2012-2016)
Second Page News was a platform designed for experimentation in publishing methods. Originally with generic blog entries, then regular music reviews as its primary source of content, it was designed to build my understanding of instant and scheduled cross-platform publishing in variety of formats including Apple News and Google AWP, as well as social media platforms.
BBC News Channel, Shadow Producer (2015)
I have assisted in the production of BBC News Channel broadcasts. I organised and contacted interviewees, and used ENPS and Jupiter software to prepare presentation. I also observed in the gallery and studio – learning how different team members communicate throughout a presentation, and how a television news bulletin fits together from a production perspective.
City OnAir, Presenter, Producer and Editor (2012-2014)
During my first year of studies at City University London, I was a presenter on the student radio station’s flagship news programme. After six months, I began producing Our Take On The News: a light-hearted conversational programme, with guests, based on news and current events. At the same time, I researched and presented a pre-recorded Students’ Union Election Debate from the studio.
At the end of my first year, I took up the role as Editor. It became my responsibility to manage on air content, the team of contributors and for the production of live and pre-recorded shows. The role required creativity and ‘out of the box’ thinking to generate new ideas for shows and production techniques.
I produced a mixture of live and pre-recorded programmes from a radio studio in the style of news bulletins, magazine and conversation shows. I also produced election debates for the students’ union from the on-campus student bar – this included an audience on site, as well as an audience at home listening to the broadcast online.
St John Street News, Contributor (2012-2014)
I contributed content as a multimedia journalist. St John Street is an independent publication by the students from the journalism department at City University London. My main feature on the site was a video piece on Crossrail’s effect on local businesses in Farringdon.
BBC London Radio, Shadow Producer (2013)
I observed the production of two BBC London Radio radio broadcasts. I answered phone calls from listeners and watched how the producer communicated with the presenter and his guests throughout the show.
The Economist Educational Foundation, Workshop Leader (2013)
I worked with staff from The Economist for the ‘Burnet News Club’; teaching children the importance of news and discussion through workshop sessions in primary schools and at Kings Place in a special ‘News Show’.
Forerunner Records, Head of Media (2011-2012)
Forerunner Records is a student led record label at Birmingham Metropolitan College. In my final year of music studies, I took on the role as head of PR and media. I began interviewing each of the artists signed to the label for a weekly podcast before taking on immediate roles in organising events and personnel.
BASIL Magazine, Editor (2006-2012)
The BASIL Magazine is an annual magazine as part of a support network for siblings of disabled and life-limited children, produced by siblings from the support services of Acorns Children’s Hospice. After joining the sibling support services, I volunteered as a writer and contributor, before taking the role as sub-editor, acting editor and finally editor.
The publication touched on subjects of disability, child bereavement, bullying and mental health. I worked on five publications, two as editor. As part of my volunteering for the charity, I helped organise and marshal large fundraising events.

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