City OnAir

featured_city_onairCity OnAir is the student radio station at City University London.

I joined the team in my first year of studies as a presenter and producer, before taking the role as editor with a group of 20+ regular contributors. Together, we produced an average of six hours of podcast content a week, including three hours of live streaming.

As editor, it was my responsibility to manage the team and to lead production of all shows. I also monitored the content of the shows to make sure they were safe/legal, as well as overseeing the branding of the station and individual shows.

One of the shows I was involved in was City OnAir News, a weekly live programme that included a campus news bulletin, as well as news from around London and the UK. Contributors scripted their segments and took part in discos with the presenters, who rotated on a weekly basis).

The other big show I worked on was called Our Take On The News; another weekly live programme in a more conversational format about ‘lesser-serious news’. Two guests joined the presenter, Payam Edalat, in the studio to discuss the show’s topics. Some of these included the copulation habits of sea-slugs, crowd-sourcing breast reductions, a life-sized chocolate statue of the Pope and Flappy Birds.

During the Students’ Union Elections 2014, I was the executive producer of radio programmes and podcasts; including three events broadcast live from the Students’ Union Bar. City OnAir worked with the union to organise fair debates, while ensuring that the production for the in-house audience, live streamed audience and podcast listeners was seamless and efficient.

To celebrate a successful year, I decided to produce a special video that shared some of our stories and feelings from working in the station. Most of the contributors took part in the video, which I filmed and edited with help from Zay Arguelles and Nicola Matheous.

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