Victoria Embankment

I had a couple of hours spare in London this afternoon, and so I took a trip I haven’t for a while.

During my undergraduate years just down the road in Farringdon, I would often stroll along the South Bank to clear my head. The little lights hanging above the pavement lit my way along a circuit that would lead me from St Paul’s to Westminster, and back up the north side to Blackfriars.

At the half-way point, I took up rest on a bench opposite the London Eye. It’s a cold day, but not cold enough to sit and take in a magnificent city. I called a friend I haven’t spoken to all week, and caught up about jobs and stuff.

But this photo captures the cold, and the emptiness of a big city.

Lunch on Embankment • #londoneye #embankment #victoriaembankment #thames #lunch

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