In the snow

Here are some photographs taken in the snow, in December 2017. The 360º/VR photos were taken using a Theta S camera, the rest on an iPhone.  

In The News This Week

A podcast with a round up of the most important news stories from the past seven days. The most recent episodes are available in the player below, and on my SoundCloud profile here.

An introduction to the debate between privacy and security in 360º

As part of my final MA project, I produced three interactive videos introducing the debate between privacy and security in the context of recent terrorism activity and changes to surveillance legislation. The aim of the project was to explore interactive video, and to find a way of providing additional context to the viewer. The formats […]

Bonfire in Solihull

Photograph of a bonfire lit in Tudor Grange Park, Solihull, on Guy Fawkes Night.

Sunlight in the park

A photograph taken while walking through a park in Solihull, capturing the sunlight as it shines through the clouds.

UK General Election 2017

On the 8th June, I presented a series of programmes on Facebook Live for Birmingham Eastside, each on the hour throughout the night, with results updates and discussions from the General Election. I worked with a group of students across the MA and BA Media suite at BCU, including Online Journalism, International Broadcast Journalism, Television Production, and […]

WMCA Mayoral Election 2017

In early May, the West Midlands voted for its first combined Mayor to oversee spending on a consolidated transport budget and a 30 year 1.1 billion pound investment fund, and to be responsibility for a compulsory purchase power over housing and planning. I used the election as a subject for a research project into the […]

Best Before End

Warning: some of the multimedia content in this project contains explicit language. Best Before End is a satirical television and online news bulletin that spoofs British news and current affairs; brought to you by the most sophisticated news team in the history of television broadcasting, if you exclude every other news team in the history […]

Radio news bulletins

News bulletins: 12th January 2017 A 1’20” news bulletin at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm. News bulletin: 18th October 2016 I recorded a short voice-piece about Birmingham Airport recording its fifth consecutive month where it has handled over one million passengers for a news bulletin presented by Cheralene Lavery. News bulletin: 4th March 2015 A 2’30” 7pm news bulletin for […]

Campaigners launch legal challenge against Snoopers’ Charter

Human rights group Liberty has received over £40,000 in pledges in a crowd-funded legal challenge against the Snoopers Charter, just days after it was launched. The new powers require internet service providers (ISPs) to keep records of every website their customers visit for a year, and allows 48 state agencies unwarranted access. They also force companies […]

Birmingham Bullring

A photograph of St Martins church by the Bullring in Birmingham City Centre on a wet lunchtime.

Victoria Embankment

I had a couple of hours spare in London this afternoon, and so I took a trip I haven’t for a while. During my undergraduate years just down the road in Farringdon, I would often stroll along the South Bank to clear my head. The little lights hanging above the pavement lit my way along a […]

A critical evaluation of Apple News

Research conducted into the effectiveness of Apple News as a platform for distribution submitted as coursework for a module on online journalism at Birmingham City University. I was interviewed as part of a discussion into the best tips on publishing to social media by lecturer Paul Bradshaw, alongside Nuria Riquelme and Lívia Vieira, at Birmingham City University. How effective […]

US Presidential Election 2016

On the 8th November, I directed two live broadcasts for Birmingham Eastside, at 11pm and 2am, using my experience from City OnAir to ensure they run smoothly. I was based in the gallery, but communicating with the newsroom to establish breakaways for breaking news segments. Our content reached thousands of people; our tweets had over 17,000 impressions and Facebook updates reached over […]

Birmingham City Council foots £2 million bill on hotels for homeless

It’s no secret that councils across the country use budget hotels to accommodate the homeless in their towns and cities. But to what extent does this happen in Birmingham? Data made public by the Birmingham Data Factory, on behalf of the City Council, shows expenditure on hotels for the homeless reach nearly £2.2 million in the last twelve months. […]

Production gallery

I photographed the production gallery that will be used to broadcast results of the 2016 US presidential election from Birmingham City University. I am directing the overnight live-stream with a team of MA Media students from the university. You can learn more about the project here.

What is ‘newsworthiness’, and where does it come from?

Research conducted into the meaning of ‘Newsworthiness’ as a term for establishing the importance of information as ‘news’, submitted as coursework for a module on media law and ethics at City University London. What is ‘newsworthiness’, and where does it come from? “The term ‘newsworthiness’ is fascinating and mysterious in equal parts” says McGregor (2002). The word has […]

What do trends in mobile messaging have to do with terrorism?

Following an increase in terrorism activity in late 2014-early 2015, David Cameron announced that ‘there should not be any safe place for terrorists to communicate’ and that if re-elected, the Conservatives would introduce new powers to help authorities gather more intelligence. But can an increase in the use of social media and instant messaging really […]

Food waste in London

A four minute radio package about how food waste is being dealt with in London, as new data suggests that food businesses could save an average of £6,000 a year by not wasting food. Interviews are with Andrew Fishwick from the Truscott Arms, Waitrose, and Rhammel Afflick.


As part of undergraduate study at City, I designed and contributed articles to a magazine titled FOUR. I designed the layout in Adobe InDesign CC. Below are some examples of these pages, including a couple of articles I wrote.

Growing trends in ‘superfoods’

The first ‘superfood cocktail bar’ has opened in England, and is part of a growing trend of so-called ‘superfoods’. Production team: Zay Arguelles (presenter), Samuel Gould and Unsah Malik.

Proposed smoking ban in London parks and public spaces

This is a news package about the proposals of a smoking ban in London’s parks and in Parliament and Trafalgar Square. The video was mainly filmed at Trafalgar Square, with additional footage filmed in St James Park. Production team: Anjali Mandalia (presenter), Andrea Kmeťová, Zay Arguelles and Samuel Gould.

City OnAir

City OnAir is the student radio station at City University London. I joined the team in my first year of studies as a presenter and producer, before taking the role as editor with a group of 20+ regular contributors. Together, we produced an average of six hours of podcast content a week, including three hours […]

Tunnel vision: street-level disruption at Farringdon

Farringdon is to be transformed into a major rail interchange and construction work is underway. The Farringdon interchange will provide a link between Thameslink, the London Underground and the Crossrail network itself, as well as a railway connection between two of the UK’s busiest airports, Heathrow and Gatwick. According to the Crossrail website, “This interchange […]

Careers event at City, University of London

I filmed a careers event on behalf of the journalism department at City University London.