In the snow

Here are some photographs taken in the snow, in December 2017. The 360º/VR photos were taken using a Theta S camera, the rest on an iPhone.

Bonfire in Solihull

Photograph of a bonfire lit in Tudor Grange Park, Solihull, on Guy Fawkes Night.

Millennium Bridge in 360º

During a recent visit to London, I took advantage of a spare couple of minutes to walk down to Millennium Bridge for a quick test of my 360º camera. I used a Theta S camera, and used their iOS app to create a little planet style photograph.

Sunlight in the park

A photograph taken while walking through a park in Solihull, capturing the sunlight as it shines through the clouds.

Birmingham Bullring

A photograph of St Martins church by the Bullring in Birmingham City Centre on a wet lunchtime.

Victoria Embankment

I had a couple of hours spare in London this afternoon, and so I took a trip I haven’t for a while. During my undergraduate years just down the road in Farringdon, I would often stroll along the South Bank to clear my head. The little lights hanging above the pavement lit my way along a […]

Production gallery

I photographed the production gallery that will be used to broadcast results of the 2016 US presidential election from Birmingham City University. I am directing the overnight live-stream with a team of MA Media students from the university. You can learn more about the project here.