Privacy, or security?

A series of blog posts detailing the progress of my Final Major Project: How can online video provide a news audience with additional content? [tweet this]

I produced an interactive video that aimed to establish whether the added production needs outweigh the benefit of its results. The content of the video explored the relationship between privacy and security.

Read the dissertation here.

In the wake of a growing threat from international and home-grown terrorism, should the public accept less privacy in exchange for greater security?

  • MA project: The finished piece - The aim of the project was to explore interactive video, and to find a way of providing additional context to the viewer. To do so, I created four videos. The first was my default, a non-interactive version to act as a point of comparison. Two videos provided interactivity by allowing the user to control the content on screen, and these were achieved using my own web-code and an online tool (Thinglink). The final video, exploring the ability for the user to control the direction-of-view within the video, used 360º cameras to create a virtual reality video.
  • MA project: The alternate introduction - Something I discussed in a previous blog post was a need for varying introductions to each of the videos I'm producing. I filmed these today, in the television studio at university. Rather than returning to the park, the same place as I filmed pieces to camera, I chose the studio because the environment is separate to that in the video itself. The separation is important to distinguish between the content, and what is essentially a quick tutorial on 'how to watch this video'.
  • MA project: Video editing part 2 - This is an important milestone to celebrate - not only can I continue with progressing the coded format, but I have discovered, acted on, and learned from some difficulties I wasn't expecting to encounter.
  • MA project: Planning the second production stage - In my previous blog post, I mentioned the disappointing results with the 360º camera during the two interviews I have so far conducted, with my hesitation around quality and positioning. To exemplify what I mean by this, I've attached a still image taken from my second filmed interview, with Francis Clarke.
  • MA project: Video editing part 1 - I've now reached a point where all interview footage, flat and 360º, have been imported in Final Cut Pro X ready for editing. With other commitments, I haven't spent as much time editing these as I'd originally hoped, however I have reviewed all the footage collected and started to note time-codes of interest.
  • MA project: First recorded video - This week I recorded the first footage for the content of my project. I did two interviews this week in London and Birmingham, speaking to Sir David Omand and Francis Clarke about the Investigatory Powers Act for my project. Both interviews were filmed with the usual camera setup, but also with a Theta S camera.
  • MA project: Video content and production - As the sixth week of production comes to an end, it’s time I stepped back from coding to concentrate on the video’s content. Throughout the research stages of the project, I have wanted to test the proportionality of the Investigatory Powers Act - does its benefits justify an increased state of surveillance on members of the public?
  • MA project: Show/hide function - The previous code successfully placed the videos on top of each other, and had made a connection to the viewers webcam - but what about a show/hide function? This is something I'm keen to explore as part of the video, where the videos begin hidden from view and are made available throughout the primary video.
  • MA project: The first steps of coding interactivity - One of the elements of the artefact I am producing within my MA by Practice project is a layer of interactivity. It is my intention to allow the viewer an opportunity to view additional content from within the video player - whether it be a photograph, or the extended clip from an interview
  • MA project: Arranging interviews - It has been a week since my blog post introducing my MA by practice project, titled: In the wake of a growing threat from international and home-grown terrorism, should the public accept less privacy in exchange for greater security?